• NJ is an international supplier and wholesaler of fine jewelry. Specializing in making personalised jewellery with unique design and affordable price. Our team will create a detailed solution especially for you, and we'll work with you until every detail is just right.

    More than 10 years jewelry manufacturing OEM/ODM experience, we have worked with many designers, jewelers, wholesalers, fashion influencer, retailers and etc, and created numerous bespoke jewelry for our clients from 30 countries around the world.

  • Individual, trendy, simple styles that speak to modern person independent fashion. Inspired by that, we created our range of customized jewelry products to meet different needs on an OEM/ODM basis. Using the best materials and advanced craft technology, our design experience helps you create jewelry that's unique, safe and worry-free.


    Express yourself with your fashion style. This is a place where you can just free your imagination and design jewelry that only belongs to you and the ones you love. Give them a surprise by creating special jewelry with names, letters, numbers, date, picture, logo and etc. Lock your memory and those precious moments in custom made jewelry, and make them become the continuation of eternal love.

  • What we can do:


    ● Capable of doing high-quality fine jewelry as your requirements.
    ● Multiple sampling options depending on different needs.

    ● Well experienced in avoiding most of the problems you concern.

    ● Good at providing solutions and services that fit your business strategy.

    ● React quickly to customer expectations and market trends.

    ● Fast response, great communication, and efficient workflow.



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