• NJ is a leading custom fine jewellery supplier. We specialize in making a wide variety of personalized jewelry with unique design and affordable price.


    Over 10 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, we have worked with many fashion influencers, jewellers, jewelry stores, designers, wholesalers, retailers, and etc, and created numerous unique jewelry pieces for our clients in 30 different countries.

  • Unique, trendy and individual speak to the modern fashion. Our goal is to make jewelry that fits to the needs of each individual. Through our manufacturing process on an OEM/ODM basis, we created a wide range of jewelry collections. Using the latest technology and qualified materials, we're able to meet the varying requirements of our clients.


    With our wide variety of designs and technolody, you can create anything that fits to your personal style. This is a place where you can express yourself and make something that only belongs to you and the one you love. Give them a surprise by creating a special piece of jewelry that has all the details that they want. With these custom made pieces, you can lock your memories and love forever.

  • What we can do:


    ● Quality assurance is our specialty.
    ● Wide range of jewelry styles for selection.

    ● Various sampling options are available.

    ● Able to avoid most of the problems you concern.

    ● Good at providing solutions that fit your business needs.

    ● Great at communicating with clients and keeping up with market trends



    Rubber mold

    Wax tree



    Metal setting


    Rhodium plating

    Quality control


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