Custom laser etched jewelry wholesale mens gold engravable pendants bulk personalised engraved birthstone necklace with name 


· Necklace


● No mold cost

● No minimum order requirements

● Available in any size and shape

● Provide graphic design service for free


Material: 925 Sterling silver / Stainless steel

Color: Silver, gold, rose gold, black

Package: OPP bag

Lead time: 4-12 working days after the approval of artwork / samples. It's also negotiable.

Made to order / Mass production

Product photos

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What is your MOQ?

There is no MOQ requirements for personalized jewelry.

MOQ is 20-300pcs depending on metal materials and designs made by molds.

Can I get a discount if I order personalized jewelry in bulk?

Yes, absolutely.

For each style (same material), 10% off for 5pcs, 15% off for 10pcs, 20% off for 20pcs. We offer lower discount rates for higher quantities.

Can I mix different products in one order?

Yes, you can mix different colors, different styles, different types in one order.

Can you put our logo or brand name on every piece?

Yes, sure. We can engrave your logo on the pendant or add a logo tag depending on the styles.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies from $29 to $68 depending on carriers and countries which charges by weight beginning at 500g (Around 50pcs necklaces, including bubble and hard box). For quantity less than 50pcs, even one piece, postage is the same as 50pcs per shipment.

All parcels less than 500g will be charged based on 500g, parcels less than 1kg but more than 500g will be charged based on 1kg, and so on.

So it's important to choose the right quantity to reduce the postage for each piece.

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